Interesting Court Case on Independent Contractors from Australia

An LSP in Australia was found to be misclassifying their workers as Independent Contractors rather than employees. Two items stood in the ruling; 1.  The LSP required the interpreters to wear a name badge identifying them as associated with the LSP 2. They requires the interpreter to agree to the LSP’s… read more »


Dawes vs. Department of Labor

This case from Connecticut is classic for it’ s parallel application to our industry. It has to do with the assignment of nurses to hospitals, but it’s exactly the case with contact interpreters. Google it, and give it to your attorney. You’ ll be glad you did!


New York City

I’m in New York City today, preparing for an Association of Language Company presentation to CEO’s of LSP’s on the subject of Independent Contractors vs. Employees. In New York State, there has been an Administrative Ruling expempting LSP’s from employment and worker’s compensation taxes, but still there will be 30 or… read more »


Interpreter/Translators as Independent Contractors or Employees

This has been a hot topic for several years as federal, state, and local taxing bodies look to increase their revenue to help balance budgets. There is a perception that treating interpreter/translators as independent contractors will bring in more revenue. Certainly at least one company in our industry, Language Line… read more »